Hortalizas Ortiz

Quality of the Spanish early vegetables

Laboratory quality control

Hortalizas Ortiz Ltd. is a company dedicated to excellence since its inception.

The satisfaction of the customers is treasured, as this is crucial for the continuance of the company and makes proud of the work achieved.

For this reason, it is important that the products offered are only of the highest quality and marketed with best service and at competitive prices.

In the course of the enterprise's policy, Hortalizas Ortiz adheres strictly to the requirements given by the laws, which include the following points: hazard analysis and critical point control as well as prevention of industrial injuries and environment.

Hortalizas Ortiz Ltd. aims to maintain the recognition based on its commitment of the certified product quality.

Caring for sowing

The quality in this company is a shared responsibility of the whole workforce, contributing to an appropriate level of quality.

With this the direction Hortalizas Ortiz is committed to facilitate equipments, materials and the trainings necessary.

Pest control
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