Productor y Exportador de Lechugas

Our Product Range

Lettuce is a product that at normal temperatures quickly degenerates, so an excellent logistics system, an optimal packaging and quality should be combined.

Hortalizas Ortiz guarantees best packaging and its own logistics team, which enables fast shipping of the product from the harvesting area to the point of sale and which always ensures that the product has excellent qualities for the consumption.

Hortalizas Ortiz has cooled warehouses and the transport is chilled to avoid that the product is exposed to temperature changes and to ensure that the customer gets the product to the best conditions. The product is kept fresh at temperatures between 5-15 ºC and a relative humidity from 85 to 95%, an optimum quality is thus guaranteed.

All products marketed by Hortalizas Ortiz are packed among sanitary-hygienic conditions in clean containers and are free of debrises. In all packagings you will find the appropriate label visible and equipped with all the associated information. Whereby the largest part of the packaging remains free in order to illustrate the product.

The lettuces are characterized by a high water content (85-95%). Fats are not available, and their proportions of protein and carbohydrate are not very high.

They are an important source of mineral elements to which you must add vitamins which support.

They have a high content of vitamins E and K, and also provide content of vitamin B. Its raw consumption ensures the entire contribution of all properties.

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