Romaine lettuce

Productor y Exportador de Lechugas

Romaine lettuce, or as it is also known, Cos lettuce grows with a long head and has strong, elongated leaves. It has a strong green color, in addition to having prominent nerves.

Romaine lettuce is especially rich in protein (10/15% of its total weight), in addition to presenting a high content of amino acids and vitamin C.

Its flavor is usually somewhat more bitter than that of other lettuces so it is usually used in salads such as caesar to give more depth of flavor to the dish.

Packaging and palletizing
ProductBox x PalletBox Size(cm)
Romaine Lettuce Hearts x 25560 x 40 x 20,5
Romaine Lettuce Hearts x 25060 x 40 x 23
Romaine Lettuce Ortiz-Field4060 x 40 x 28
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