Baby lettuce

Productor y Exportador de Lechugas

Baby-type lettuce has a disc-shaped stem at the beginning of its stem, from which  the leaves come out. Leaves are grouped in a small and compact bud.

Baby lettuce is similar to romaine lettuce but is distinguised from it by its size since baby lettuce is much smaller and have a sweeter and smoother flavor.

It is high in calcium, magnesium and potassium, which helps fight osteoporosis, as well as offering a high content of vitamin C, which is why it is considered a highly valued lettuce with several health benefits.

Packaging and palletizing
ProductBox x PalletBox Size(cm)
Baby Lettuce Tray x 37060 x 40x 16,5
Baby Lettuce Tray x 36560 x 40 x 17,5
Baby Lettuce Hearts x 68060 x 40 x 14
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